Eyjahunda Orri Bragasson Update

Big sister Viva and Eyjahunda Orri "Sol" hanging out with Mama Kathryn. Orri is excelling in herding lessons with Kathryn and is 13 months old. We are so pleased with the placement of this puppy. Did we mention he also plays piano like his mama?

Daddy Bub and His Boys

Bub and his boys; Katur on left and Hektor on right. These boys are third generation for our breeding program. Hektor is living on Dragonfly farm and Katur lives in Seattle. Photo by A. McLean.

Nat/Intl Jugund Ch. Eyjajunda Dagny, RN, AX, 0AJ, IT, CGC

Big congratulations to Ashton Ginther and Dagny (Kol x Breki litter, 2008) who earned the Open Jumpers title in agility in October. We are so proud of this dynamic duo! Ashton picked Dagny out of the puppy pile and was set on her. It is hard to believe that little girl is now taller than Terry and has accomplished so much with that little puppy. Thank you, Ginthers, for loving Dagny so much and for having so much fun out there. Kol brought us together that day in Sequim and it was a blessed day. We sure love you all. Use the link below to see them run.


All Breed Herding Club of Western WA

It’s official. We joined the ABHCWW, a wonderful group of folks who love herding. Our herding classes start up again in January and we are looking forward to learning the A-Course, a giant step forward for all of us. The burning question is not if Bub and Njala can do it but if I can. Gulp.

Fall is Upon Dragonfly Farm

We have had the first fire of the season and moving wood is now officially part of our days work. First frost was last night and it looks like we will dip below freezing tonight. Love this time of year; sun and cold. Delicious! We enjoyed a fantastic harvest and put up many cans of apple sauce, dried plumbs, jam, tomato sauce and even got enough grapes for some amazing grape jam. P, B & J has never been so good. We blanched and froze many green beans and other veggies. T made chutney and salsa, fruit pies and plum tarts. Seems strange to have the kitchen so quiet now that harvest is over.

The finished product doesn't last long around here.

While harvesting and processing all that fruit it is a ton of work, the payoff is huge. So, I went to the Island Fruit Club meeting today and ordered up four new trees. We will be getting an island grown Gravenstein, Honeycrisp, Liberty and Braeburn this month. So my future will include digging some holes for the trees. Hoping to gradually build the trees to a nice size orchard so I can have a good excuse to buy an apple press. Sounds fun to me! Shhh! Don’t tell Terry!  Also enjoyed the apple tasting at our little Sr. Center today. Grandma Rassie went into town with me and we walked around a bit while she greeted all passers by and got lots of petting. Turned out to be a nice, relaxed day after our first “puppy night” with our new addition, Hektor, son of Bubbie and Kyssa, grandson of Rassie. Sweet little guy will be helping with the chores in no time!Here is a pic of our new “Little Man”.

Visiting Kennels Pt. 1: Havens ISDs, OH

On my recent trip to Ohio, I had the pleasure of visiting the farm of Shellie Greyhavens and Bob Black in Athens, Ohio. Shellie is a hobby farmer who always had a passion for raising sheep and goats, cooks the most amazing food in the world, from scratch, of course, keeps garden and uses raw goat milk that she harvests each morning. Shellie with Brana and Poppie. Lisa, an import from Iceland, has joined their pack as well. Shellie has a litter planned for 2013 with Poppi, an AKC CH and titled agility dog.

This is the place that inspired us to change our lives and move to a farm years ago. So, it was a pleasure to be back. I got to stay in the cabin this time and slept like a baby.

It is a delightful and busy farm with fields of Icelandic Sheep who hang out with Great Pyrenees guarding dogs and Nubian Goats. The barn cats run around with the chickens and if anyone can keep a straight face watching the antics of the misfit pack, there is something wrong. Sipping coffee while watching the goings on from the kitchen window brings laughter and I’m reminded of the joy and life of peace farmers like Shellie create.

Shellie is “Havens Icelandic Sheepdog Kennel”, an ISAA Approved Breeder and serves on the Board of Directors for ISAA. My favorite ISD, other than our own, is Brana. She is pictured with me (top) and is the best love dog ever created. There is nothing like an ISD climbing in your lap, flipping over and gently pawing you for pets to remind you that life on the farm is, indeed, good.

Shellie's visit to our farm in 2009. That is our Bubbie Boy in my lap with the white sox. We just added his son to our pack yesterday, bringing his line in our home to three generations. Happy day.

Bub’s Son Comes to Seattle

Lavandels Kátur Þórarinsson = Joyous son of Iceland’s Good Sorcerer was named in honor of our dear friend Hörður Þorsteinsson’s late Yrar Akkur and came to live with friends in Seattle on November 2nd. Breeders Hörður Þorsteinsson and Kristín “Stina” Gunnarsdóttir are Hnúks Kennel of Selfoss, Iceland (pictured below – click to enlarge). When we travel to Iceland, we love to stay with them. They are amazing people and have a tremendous love and commitment to and for the ISD’s preservation.


We co-own this stunning boy and are looking forward to seeing him grow up. I flew out to MI to evaluate the litter and as you can see from his picture below, little Kátur is an extremely promising and typical ISD puppy. He has an exceptional temperament and is rock solid. We could not be more pleased with this litter and the proof is in the pudding that the match of Lavandels Kyssa and our Bubbie was a good choice. The litter is very uniform, all nice pups with dark eyes, lovely ears, tails, correct coats, double dews and strong, athletic young bodies. The entire litter also had CERF tests and their eyes are healthy as are the eyes of both parents and grandparents. Of course, time will tell what we have as the ISD is a very slow breed to mature. So for now, these pups will get lots of love and I hope to have the opportunity to see them all again when they are two.

About Kátur’s name: Yrar Akkur was Hörður’s dog and much beloved. Akkur’s call name was Kátur and he is the pup’s GGGrandfather as well. We met Yrar Akkur several times in Iceland and the sight of him, as a grand old man, running over moss covered lava after two Icelandic Sheep that had wandered onto Stina’s farm is a sight I will never forget. Hörður and Stina are dear friends and we had the pleasure of hearing another friend and breed expert, Sigríður Pétursdóttir, talk about how nice Akkur was one night in their home. Even in old age, he moved with such grace and beauty. It was a sad day for the breed when he left this earth. Hörður still misses Kátur and talks of him often. We thought it a fitting tribute to name one of Bubbie’s pups after him in honor of both Hörður and Kátur. Breeder, Laurie Ball-Gisch, agreed. If our new Kátur matures into half the dog his name sake was, we will be extremely pleased.


And Life Goes On … Beautifully

Bub and Kyssa’s pups are four weeks and thriving.  Really looking forward to meeting them at month’s end. http://www.lavenderfleece.com/kyssa2012pups5.html Enjoy.

Kolperla McDermott (20 January, 2006 – 3 October, 2012)

AKC GCH CH, Group Winning, NAT/INTCH, UKC RBIS, U-CH Pineridge Kolperla, CGC, TDI (Herding Tested)

Top AKC ISD All Systems 2010

1st AKC Grand Champion ISD

Eukanuba National Breed Champion 2010

Click here to see our girl “on patrol” in the pasture – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jnHKNKOtXA&feature=plcp

It is with profound sadness that we tell you that our beloved Kolperla had to be put down yesterday. She was bleeding to death internally and suffering greatly. The poison had done its job and there was nothing else that could be done. While it was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I held her as the life left her eyes and she knew she was loved. This has been a horrible experience.

Kol was my companion & heart dog. She was the seventh granddaughter of my first ISD, Perla, who I grew up with. Kol was the smartest dog I ever had and this brought much joy and many challenges. She was a funny dog, bringing JL’s purple bra into the room when JL left her guest room door open for Kol to explore her suit case was just one of many pranks. Sorry, JL, but that was classic Kol. She was also very serious and was the alpha of our farm, running perimeter searches many times a day to make sure no outlaw squirrels got on to the property. She kept our goats herded in a corner when they broke out one time and guarded the chickens by keeping those vicious house sparrows at bay. She could be a handful and we would not change one second of our life with her.

Kol started her career working with me at Juvenile Hall. She did some amazing therapy work there with girls, specifically one who was the victim of severe sexual abuse. The girls trained her and asked me to take her to a show. I had no idea what that meant but did it and Kol got a little blue ribbon for best puppy – after leaving a present for the judge in the ring. Of course, she was the only ISD there, so the ribbon was a foregone conclusion, but the girls didn’t know that and screamed with delight when I called to tell them she had “won” best puppy. This started our conformation career, long before AKC. It was a rare breed show and I was hooked.

Kol went on to become a UKC CH, passed her herding instinct tests, and we thought that Rally would be fun. Kol finished her first two legs and while walking through the third leg, she jumped into my arms (something she did often), much to the delight of the crowd and dismay of the judge. Of course, she loved the laughter and clapping and repeated her stunt each time we tried to get that third leg thereafter. She loved to be funny and knew when she brought joy to people. We went on to obedience and she learned that it was funny to lie down – the second before the clock told us the sit time was completed. We tried everything and she would complete the exercise in practice for up to ten minutes. Kol knew & my laughing each time probably didn’t help matters but after eight tries, we decided to return to conformation. Kol was a great obedience dog, though, and we used much of that in her work with Alzheimer’s patients, doing little dances and showing her ability to “speak Spanish”. She adored the lime light and loved people.

Kol was a super glue dog and wanted to be with me every second. If I was working with the bees or doing something that did not allow her to be by my side, she would “woof” and I would have to woof back so that she knew that I knew she was there waiting (not so) patiently for me to be done. She loved play and ball and “swimming” in the pool. She was athletic and would hide from the other dogs and jump out at them as they ran by, gleaming with delight at her trick.

At our first official AKC show weekend, Kol and I entered the ring and were shocked to go BOB, then take the first Group 1 in the breed. This was a brilliant day for us as a team. She loved to strut around the ring and show off. She went on to take BOB at Eukanuba with her son, Bry, taking BOS. She was evaluated by Gudrun and Hans-Ake and they both graded her as Excellent & CH Quality. Hans-Åke & Guðrún thought her son, Bry, was the cat’s meow.

Kol was a grandma and we had retired her after her second litter, not wanting to flood the gene pool with any one dog’s offspring. Kol was bred to two very special males; Hnuks Breki and Tofra Kelikatur and we are extremely proud of both litters and love the families the pups live with.

Kolperla, the black pearl, came from Pineridge ISDs, Jill Fike, in Canada. Kol had many very special dogs in her pedigree including Yrar Akkur, who we had the pleasure of meeting and knowing because of our friendship with Hörður and Stina. She also was the granddaughter of Djarfur fra Thytur Stadur, now an old man, enjoying great longevity in The Netherlands with Nouda.

Kol was also my personal therapy dog and knew every emotion, watching and loving me. I feel as if my heart will never recover as the pain of her loss is mighty. However, I know that time will heal the aching and having her daughter running around, happily going on with life, reminds us of that truth; life goes on and, Kol remains present with us here.

This amazing dog impacted my life as much as her 7x great grandmother, Perla fra Olafsvillum (1972-1984) did. Both were gifts from God and now, both are running around with God. If I know anything about her, I’m sure that Kol is already reorganizing heaven and bossing the angles around.

Kol’s greatest gift? The amazing and numerous friends and new family she brought into our lives. In fact, our best friends are people we met because of Kol.

Kol had two litters of puppies.

1st Litter Born 5/4/08

AKC GCH CH, Nat/Int Jugend Eyjahunda Bragi, CGC, (Bry) Herding Instinct Tested

Eyjahunda Roki – full time therapy dog

Nat/Int Jugend CH Eyjahunda Dagný RN OA NAJ CGC, Herding Instinct Tested

Nat/Int Jugend CH Eyjahunda Röskur

2nd Litter Born 7/20/11

Eyjahunda Friðsæla Álfadís (Pixie), Companion

Int/Nat Jungsten CH Eyjahunda Friðsæla Njála, HT, PT (Cheebie)

Eyjahunda Friðsæli Bjössi, Farm Dog

Eyjahunda Friðsæla Litla, Companion

Eyjahunda Friðsæli Tinni fra Renfrew, Herding Tested

Grand Puppies Born 10/10/11

Eyjahunda Orri Bragason (Sol) Herding Instinct Tested

Eyjahunda Stígur Bragason (Stig) Herding Instinct Tested

Eyjahunda Ari Bragason Herding Instinct Tested

Eyjahunda Brimir Bragason Herding Instinct Tested

Eyjahunda Eiríkur Rauði Bragason (Erik)

Grand Puppies Born 3/27/12

Runamuck Móri Síríus

Runamuck Lipurtá Ísa Farm Dog

Runamuck Elsku Freyja

Runamuck Flinkur Úlfur

Runamuck Ljúfur Tindur Farm Dog

My favorite memory of Kol? It is silly but she used to lay next to me and put her face right up to mine while I slept and patiently wait for me to wake up in the morning. I could feel her breath on my face and the second I moved or opened my eyes, she would joyfully dance around and try to clean my eyes. It was not possible to awake without a heart full of joy and now all the dogs do this as a pack behavior. As much as there were mornings when being pounced on was not my idea of a fun way to greet the day, I will miss this part of her very much. She was an Icelandic Sheepdog through and through; full of joy and mischief, bringing us profound joy and making us crazy at the same time.

She is at peace and will not be forgotten as she carries on in our memories, loving relationships and in her offspring.

Peace and blessings,


Eyjahunda Orri Bragason Enjoys Vacation

¿Cómo no me das un mordisco a que cuando miro de esta manera?Amo mi juguete y mi mamá y mi papá mi y mi hermana. Me encanta mi vida entera!

“Este es la vida! Me encanta pasar tiempo con mi madre, padre y hermana, Viva.”- Sol (aka Orri)