2011 Litter [Rassie x Bry]

February, 2011 Update: The boys are four months old now and all are doing well. This is “Brimi” giving his best puppy GQ look to the camera. Such a handsome boy; just like his father.

Eyjahunda Brimir Bragason. What a cutie pie!

Eyjahunda Orri Bragason with his new mom, Kathryn Ananda-Owens. His new dad is Dr. Hector Valdivia and Orri has a beautiful (and famous, rock star agility ISD) sister named Viva (Aldabaran Tisla). Life is good!

Happy Mom!

Happy Orri!


Eyjahunda Ari Bragason at four months on the agility field.

“The Boys of Dragonfly” [Stig, Orri, Ari, Brimir and Erik the Red] have found loving homes. They are all very happy with their families.  This litter is half brother to our 2011 Nat. CH, BIS, BISS, MGW, GCH CH Eyjahunda Thorarinn “Bubbie”, so we expect them to turn into quite a crew of head turners. Their dam was BOB at Westminster this year and their sire, GCH CH Eyjahunda Bragi “Bry” TDI, CGC was BOS at Eukanuba in 2010 and the first American born GCH in the AKC. Both parents have been evaluated by breed experts as “excellent” examples of the breed and you can read more about them on their individual pages. Their grandmother, Kolperla, was the #1 ISD in the AKC in 2010 and Eukanuba National Champion. Their grandfather is a champion in several countries, including Iceland.

All of the boys received show average and above scores from Pat Hastings in terms of their structure.  Their temperament evaluations were also all positive. Each had a normal CERF exam and those have been posted to CERF’s public database. Both parents have been tested multiple times and those results can also be found in the CERF database as well on the CHIC public health website, which provides more health information.



Eyjahunda Erik the Red Bragason and Family

“So far, Erik has learned to defeat the following containment systems: — child gate: squeezes through at the bottom,  — dog door: quite fluent at using it,– cat door to the basement (no cat now, will have to board this up), — Pet Gear pen, recommended by another Eyjahunda pup owner: he can open it even if the door is completely zipped shut. Pen has a top and bottom, and heavy mesh sides; apparently Erik has learned that some ISD “digging” can get the door zipper partially lowered and he can then slip a paw in the opening and unzip it from there.

Things he has not learned to breach yet: — people doors, — Kennelaire type crate with the kind of latch where you need to exert pressure on two places on the outside of the crate at once to open it.  He is certainly quite the explorer! And scarily smart.”

Eyjahunda Brimir Bragason & Family

“[Brimir] is quite housebroken now by the way and lies nicely at my feet when relaxing, tries to get into the tub with me nightly, doing all the puppy agility stuff and enjoys it, comes to a whistle like a bullet-these dogs really respond to sounds, continues to try to electrocute himself by chewing on wires much to my concern! Ah!,  will rest quietly in an x-pen orcrate for up to 3 hours if I am out and about, sleeps the night always, plays well with others every day, continues to be a bold puppy which I love and adores his big brother Seger, who seems to be fine with it-phew!  A dear puppy…Thank you… ! Carol”

Eyjahunda Stigur Bragason & Family (WA)

“We had puppy training yesterday afternoon, … . Our trainer is absolutely in LOVE with Stig. He talks about him to any of the other employees who stop by, picks him up and shows him to other customers, just adores his energy and fluffiness. We were practicing loose leash walking around the store for part of this session and he collapsed into a giggle fit watching the way Stig runs sideways or bounces on his back legs. But we have sit and lay down, yesterday was roll over (which Stig got the first time) and shake. I’ve also been working with him on stay, so we got to show that off a bit. We had to go into Bellevue afterward …, so Stig and I walked quite a while (had to carry him eventually), getting tons of attention from shoppers and parking attendants.”

Ari and Carole stage "a look at the future".

"I love this tunnel, MOM! Look at me go!" ~ Eyjahunda Ari

“We are madly in love with Ari – Al is really bonding with him, … .  He is the sweetest puppy I have ever had.  I’ve heard of therapy dogs with an innate sense of a person’s frailness and that is the way he is with Skyler.  You can not begin to imagine how much I appreciate that. ”

Orri loves his toy.

Like his half brother, Bubbie [Eyjahunda Thorarinn aka Mr. Best in Show], we could not find the right home for Orri. He is a show/breeeding quality dog according to Pat Hastings and she selected him as a good candidate for work as a therapy dog.

While we had sworn not to keep a male, when we could not match Bub to a great home, we kept him … and look what joy he has brought us. We believe this was the intention of the Universe  and we are so glad that we listened. So once again we will trust that it is meant to be that Orri remains with us. He is a wonderful, loving addition to our pack and we look forward to discovering what his promise will bring.

Ari and his new kid.