Fall is Upon Dragonfly Farm

We have had the first fire of the season and moving wood is now officially part of our days work. First frost was last night and it looks like we will dip below freezing tonight. Love this time of year; sun and cold. Delicious! We enjoyed a fantastic harvest and put up many cans of apple sauce, dried plumbs, jam, tomato sauce and even got enough grapes for some amazing grape jam. P, B & J has never been so good. We blanched and froze many green beans and other veggies. T made chutney and salsa, fruit pies and plum tarts. Seems strange to have the kitchen so quiet now that harvest is over.

The finished product doesn't last long around here.

While harvesting and processing all that fruit it is a ton of work, the payoff is huge. So, I went to the Island Fruit Club meeting today and ordered up four new trees. We will be getting an island grown Gravenstein, Honeycrisp, Liberty and Braeburn this month. So my future will include digging some holes for the trees. Hoping to gradually build the trees to a nice size orchard so I can have a good excuse to buy an apple press. Sounds fun to me! Shhh! Don’t tell Terry!  Also enjoyed the apple tasting at our little Sr. Center today. Grandma Rassie went into town with me and we walked around a bit while she greeted all passers by and got lots of petting. Turned out to be a nice, relaxed day after our first “puppy night” with our new addition, Hektor, son of Bubbie and Kyssa, grandson of Rassie. Sweet little guy will be helping with the chores in no time!Here is a pic of our new “Little Man”.

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